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The Potter has persisted in giving me treasures I don't always understand or appreciate. Patiently, He is teaching me to trust that all I really need to know is that I am in HIS hands. . .


Living with men has led me to discover a few things that they take for granted, but which are foreign to females. The funny thing is that I get the strangest looks from those I live with when these things occur. Because I am the only female in residence (besides the dog, and she'll go along with anyone that feeds her), they look at me as though they suspect I'm either in need of medication or just very confused.

  • When it comes to movies, plot is never as important as action, fight scenes and pyrotechnics. If plot is part of the mix, that's okay, but not necessary.
  • It's considered clean if you can't see the dirt. This includes dirt outside of your direct line of vision.
  • It's still food it you picked it up off of the floor before the dog got to it.
  • Ice cream is one of the major food groups.
  • Having MEANT to say something is the same as having said it and you should have known what they meant.

There are different rules of conduct for the house depending on whether or not mom is in the room. I'm not sure where all of these differences lie, but all of the suspects males quickly settle down and look a little too innocent when I enter the room after hearing a herd of wild buffalo run through the house -- This even includes my spouse! It wasnt me

There are many others, but if you've lived with men, I'm sure you get the idea . . .

The scary interesting thing is that the longer I reside with these male creatures, the more their ways seem normal to me. EEEK Every now and then, I have to get around a group of females to recapture my femininity.

I just had to laugh at this video when I saw it. I believe it illustrates such a wonderful moment when this father realizes that he really IS the father of a GIRL. :blahblah: revamp

I know that boys can talk, but I have gained a new appreciation for a LACK of communication after watching this! Too too cute!



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Psalm 127:3,4

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man;
so are children of the youth.

As I sit here at my computer, my middle son is in our front yard talking to strangers. That goes against a lot of my maternal instincts. worried:pasing

When I got up this morning, he was already there, flagging down customers.


My husband took one look at my expression of concern and explained that he had sent him out there to get rid of our stash of video tapes.

He meant for his explanation to comfort me. Instead, it gave me additional concerns about my husband – momentarily. :wink:

I pulled myself back together and went to fix breakfast. This was going to be a learning experience for all of us.

I got a refresher course in trusting my husband’s judgment and protection over our children. He hasn’t left the window or door watching to be sure the little guy is okay. Of course, he does it just beyond the line of vision of the boy.

I also learned from watching my husband that this letting go business isn’t really any easier for fathers than it is for mothers. Duke was alternately cheering at every sale and expressing concern for whether or not the kid was chatting up costumers, remembering all of the prices and the tips he gave him for sales, etc. It was a good thing he was in the house, LOL. Please don't go...

Our son made several new friends and a little guy that rode his bike over to sit and chat with this new kid entrepreneur. He also learned about dealing with distractions, counting change, and that a Saturday spent in the front yard could earn him some money. Later today, he will likely learn a lesson on who to trust, depending on whether or not the neighbor who took several tapes returns to pay him the money. :foolsmoney:

The greatest return on the experience has been the excited look on B’s face when he comes running into the house to announce another dollar in sales. :teef: I do believe he is taller today as he contemplates the possibilities of his own ability to earn money and how that will only increase as he gains years and experience.

It’s been nice to see how gracious our neighbors are. Those boxes are full of westerns, war documentaries, classics and children’s videos. Ironically, grandmothers are the ones that have stopped and proved to be his best customers – God’s best encouragers. :granny: revision

Me? I’m having a ball watching it all. I keep trying not to grin too widely as I watch the menfolk navigate this new water. It’s nice to see solid proof of what I already knew. We've got some wonderful boys that take after their father. Duke is alternately concerned and delighted to see all he’s invested bearing fruit.

Something tells me that there is a trip to the dollar store coming soon. Weee...


I'm someone that loves the old standards when it comes to music and praise. Too much of what I hear promoted today seems to only glorify amplification, electronics and rebellious expression. With those disclaimers out of the way, I found these songs after reading the lyrics and thought I'd share them.

There are times when I allow my focus to shift away from what the Potter has done . . . IS DOING in my life. I listen to the wrong voices when I should be listening to the One Who has formed me. THAT'S when I need to take the time to remember where my hope rests. I need to remind myself of the hands that hold me . . . and in that certainty, be encouraged to live in that reality.

Hopefully, these will also encourage you to praise HIM.

Only Grace - Matthew West

Lyrics | Casting Crowns lyrics - Who Am I lyrics


Plantago major
Plantago lanceolata L.
narrowleaf plantain, buckhorn plantain, broad-leaf plantain,

Leaves (can also use roots and/or tops & seeds)

Adenine, allantoin, aucubin, apigenin, benzoic acid, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, cinnamic acid, ferulic acid, fiber, luteolin, oleanolic acid, p-coumaric acid, salicylic acid, tannin, ursolic acid, vanillic acid
Potassium, vitamin A

The leaves are attached by to the base of the plant rather than to a stalk or stem. The leaf is distinctive having three or five parallel veins that are spaced apart following the shape of the leaf, width depending on the species.

Narrow leaf plantain is also known as buckhorn or English plantain. It is native to Europe and reaches a height that ranges from six to 30 inches. From April to October, the plant blooms with a short spike of white flowers. It has been used traditionally in tea form as a remedy for coughs and diarrhea. The leaves help sores heal more quickly when applied topically.


As a tea, plantain acts as a diuretic, helping reduce water retention and soothe the urinary tract with its demulcent (mucilaginous and soothing) properties. In this way, plantain supports kidney health.

Plantain also acts as an expectorant, helping remove excess mucous secretions from air passages. It is considered by some to be helpful in the slowing of tuberculosis bacteria.

Plantain has anti-inflammatory properties and deobstruant properties that help reduce inflammation and clear areas obstructed by infection. This is also helpful for chronic infection of the lymph nodes.Some research has shown that it is helpful in lowering cholesterol (an inflammatory response) and controlling diabetes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plantago

Heartburn and indigestion are eased by use of plantain. This herb also has anti-microbial properties which help the body destroy or resist pathogenic micro-organisms -- this includes bacteria, fungi and viruses. Plantain is an alterative which means it balances the process of nutrient assimilation and excretion, restoring the body to normal function. A hepato-protective herb, plantain helps protect the liver.

Some of the most dramatic uses of plantain involve those where it is applied topically. On contact, plantain has a healing, antibiotic and styptic (stops bleeding) effect. In a poultice, plantain is good for all kinds of insect bites and rashes including allergic skin reactions to poison oak, ivy, nettles and sumac. An anodyne, plantain is a pain reliever and soothing to skin irritation. I've seen it stop pain in 15 seconds, although this can vary. An anti-inflammatory, I've yet to see it fail to stop fire ant bites from turning into angry whelps. The astringent properties of this herb cause the tissues in the skin to tighten and dry fluid secretions. A vulnerary, plantain promotes wound healing and normalization of damaged tissues.

Other conditions that have been helped by plantain include the treatment of tumors and venomous bites.

The seeds of this herb are called psyllium seed and are used in many commercial laxative formulas. These same seeds are said to be helpful in the treatment of diabetes.

Young leaves of the broad leaf variety are tasty and can be eaten in salads.

Plantago psyllium is a type of plantain whose seeds are used (psyllium seeds) as a fiber supplement (taken with LOTS of water) in many bulk laxative formulations -- commercial and natural. The husks of the seeds expand and become mucilaginous (similar to the texture of egg whites) when wet. This is helpful in the treatment of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticular disease.

A good first aid plant to have close at hand. A few fresh leaves, crushed or chewed, can be used quickly to stop bleeding of an open wound, stop pain and inflammation of bites and stings, relieve itching from poison ivy. Its anti-toxin qualities have given it a reputation in folklore as being useful for snakebite.

A cup of strong plantain tea will quell the worst indigestion. Taken as a tea, tincture or syrup, plantain can also relieve coughs and bronchitis.

A small was of chewed leaf placed next to the gum will quiet a painful toothache until it can be attended to.

Ointment made with olive oil extract of fresh plantain and a little beeswax is a very good general purpose remedy for many skin ailments, and is especially helpful with diaper rash.

During my childhood, we used to have plantain wars in the summer. We would pluck the long leggy stems and use them as ammunition. To do this, fold the stem over itself forming a loop and shove it forward while pulling backwards on the section of stem nearest the bud. This will cause the bud to pop off and shoot forward. With practice your aim can improve and catch your unsuspecting target off-guard.

Do not mistake plantain for foxglove (Digitalis lanata), which has a similar appearance.

As with all herbs, avoid use of plants that have been exposed to toxic chemicals or have not been certified 'chemical free.'

DISCLAIMER: None of this is to be considered a substitute for medical examination and/or treatment. Use what you will, but do so knowing that you must consider your own circumstance and the application of these things with sound judgment.
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